As a small business enterprise, the broad and integrated services of Akron Engineering Consultant’s Group Ltd. serve both public and private clients throughout Canada and around the world from our 2 office locations in Fort McMurray, Alberta. Akron’s value-based technical areas of expertise fall into broad categories of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering, project/construction management, quality management & inspection, planning, surveying, environmental consulting, permitting, landscape architecture and community work involvement. Many of Akron’s shareholders and managing directors are registered professional engineers with decades of experience in various engineering disciplines. Akron Infinity Ltd., which is majority-owned and operated by McMurray Métis (MNA Local 1935) is the management company of Akron Engineering Consultant’s Group Ltd.





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Quality is synonymous to Akron. The management aspect of testing & inspection, controlling, assuring, auditing and engineering the outcome is vital to any organization. With Akron, client can be assured of the best quality and value. We have subject matter experts that is able to engage the client in various discipline such as:

Reliability Engineering

In-Service Inspection/Adv. NDT

Quality/Process System Audit

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The success of any project relies heavily on how it is being managed. Project managers are constantly faced with the challenging task of assembling the right resources that will produce the right mixture of teamwork in order to complete the project with quality, within costs and schedule. Akron has the necessary expertise to assemble the right team of subject matter experts for client’s project management needs that will ensure the three objectives of a project (Quality, Cost, Schedule) is achieved.




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The importance of training has always been the number one priority with every company. Investing in employees is so vital in ensuring that they are well equipped with the right knowledge to sustain the influx of new information and changing technology as well as the impact of globalization. Akron is offering its expertise to partner with Clients in identifying their needs on specific training for their employees training and upgrading that will increase their productivity, enhanced company competitive edge, increased the quality of work and life and promotes loyalty. Akron will tailor made any specific requirement the client has and assemble a team of highly qualified instructors to conduct the training. Please feel free to contact us and discuss your requirement.

Training Services 1

Training Services 2

Training Services 3

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Welcome to Akron Engineering Consultant’s Group LTD.

Akron Engineering Consultants Group LTD was formed out of the desire to provide the industry with consolidated engineering services in civil, structural and environmental engineering, project and construction management, quality management and training services. This is achieved through the injection of expertise from various engineering and technical background and aimed at providing value and enhancing costs efficiency to clients.Akron’s focus is on ensuring their client’s projects are completed safely and within planned cost, quality and schedule.